Skunk Anansie - Squander (Virgin)

Madison Lavelle | Thursday, 01 October 2009

Skunk Anansie - Squander (Virgin)

Skunk Anansie are Britain's prime example of the amalgamation of heavy metal music and poetically fierce female rage. but 'Squander' is a beautiful, heart felt and emotional 180 degree turn from the stereotypical thrash rock that is the band's signature style.

The slow, sensual guitar riffs throughout makes you tingle from top to toe, with Skin's unmistakable husky voice caressing every word in the way she does best.

When compared with previous singles from albums such as Paranoid and Sunburnt (1995) and Stoosh (1996), 'Squander' is unlike any other track released by Skunk Anansie. The vocals lead away from the angry "telling off" the singer appears to be giving the listener. Instead they are replaced by a feeling she's developed a different approach to a broken heart. Quite touching really.

The band reformed this year after they split in 2001. Having played two shows already in April this year in London under the alias SCAM (Skin, Mark, Ace & Cass), they've been back in the studio. 'Squander' comes as part of a 15 track greatest hits album, Smashes and Trashes (due for release in November 2009) including two further new tracks, 'Because of You' and 'Tear the Place Up.'

Also included in this career embracing masterpiece are previous chart topping hits such as 'Weak' and 'Hedonism (Because I feel good.)' Two big thumbs up and a definite must for any die hard Skunk Anansie fan.

Rating: 3/5