Snow Patrol - Take Back the City (Polydor)

James Brindle | Sunday, 28 September 2008

Snow Patrol - Take Back the City (Polydor)

Sometimes you hear a first single from a new album by an established act and you get the feeling that they have completely run out of ideas. It happened to Oasis when they preceded the release of Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants with the wholly unremarkable 'Go Let It Out' and to Travis, with, well, every album they've released since The Man Who.

Add to that list Snow Patrol, who have returned with what basically appears to be a re-hash of 'You Are All That I Have'. It's a shockingly pedestrian song with bland lyrics and Gary Lightbody’s banal vocals grating more so than usual.

"I love this city tonight/I love this city always," Lightbody sings with some sentiment, but it's a terribly average hook. After almost two years of work, surely Snow Patrol could have come up with a more exciting and revolutionary return.

2008 has seen thrilling lead singles from the likes of Kings Of Leon, Oasis and now The Killers. Kings Of Leon in particular are developing their sound with each album, while even professional dullards Keane are at least trying to explore different sounds. However, Snow Patrol appear content to position themselves somewhere in the middle of the road and put little or no effort in to attracting new fans or even achieving some artistic development. Must do better.

Rating: 2/5