Son Of Dave - Ain't Going To Niketown (Kartel)

Laura Bruneau | Sunday, 26 April 2009

Son Of Dave - Ain't Going To Niketown (Kartel)

Unless there's an upcoming drama about the sportswear mafia, it is doubtful that Son of Dave will get as lucrative a deal as Alabama 3 did with the Sopranos, but other comparisons between the artists are uncanny. Son of Dave is lighter with less gruffness and growl but the basic influences remain the same with occasional flashes of the Fun Loving Criminals' drive and style.

'Ain't Going To Niketown' is a strutting, rebellious diatribe against the grotesque over commercialization of Western culture. Gutsy blues and gospel provide a simplistic counterpoint that makes perfect sense when opposed to the trend for overproduction in a music industry that is all about the sell.

Son of Dave fits into a slew of artists, such as Seasick Steve, that have recently decided to reject this culture in favor of a return to musical roots by stripping their sound back. Basic rhythms and soulful harmonicas transport us to the banks of the Mississippi on a lazy summer afternoon.

Instantly recognizable and relentlessly addictive, 'Ain't Going To Niketown' has the potential to become a summer classic. Son of Dave produces the kind of music that's even better live, so his approaching tour dates will be worth looking out for.

Rating: 3/5