Surkin - Next Of Kin Mark II (Institubes)

Paul Duckett | Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Surkin - Next Of Kin Mark II (Institubes)

France, our great neighbours and friends. Home of berets, black and white jumpers and the best dance music on Planet Earth. Labels Ed Banger and Kitsune have been banging out brilliant music over the last few years - it finally seems to be spreading.

Surkin is a producer from Paris and this is an EP of, mainly, remixes of the track 'White Knight Two' which has already been released. The EP kicks off with 'Chrome Knight' which is a reworking of the mentioned track with vocals from Chromeo. It's worthy. It adds an extra dimension so that you think it's a different track altogether and it feels like a real chart hit.

The two standard remixes are from Laidback Luke and Blaqstock. The former is a real house stomper - the groove is spot on for clubs all over the world and not as electro as the original, giving more DJs the chance to drop the track. Unfortunately, the latter feels a little empty and doesn't really add anything to the original recording.

The original is also on here and it's a classic. It feels retro but with that air of originality within it. You think you've heard it all before, but you love it for that. Brought along for the ride is a mix of 'Kid Gloves' which is also a standalone cool track. However, it really is all about 'White Knight Two'. That's it.

Rating: 4/5