The Dø - A Mouthful (Get Døwn!)

Phillip Clark | Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Dø - A Mouthful (Get Døwn!)

As much as we like to criticise the French in the bitchy neighbour sort-of-way that we do, it's difficult to say that those garlic-loving stereotypes don't have a good taste in music. This is evidenced by the fact The Do's offering shot straight to the number one spot in the French album charts last year.

It's our turn now, as Dan and Olivia (who make up the Paris duo) focus on our shores this year with an album that is sure to end up on your laptop and see all the tracks immediately added to your playlists. The tracks shift from soft-sounding melodies and racy guitar tracks through to fun Euro-pop compositions.

Mixed with influences from across all-genres, The Dø is a little out of control - but this just makes the album even more exciting. Opening track 'Playground Hustle' opens with brassy sounding drum and sweet flute, not dissimilar to 'Tom Hark' by Elias and his zig-zag jive flutes. The track then transforms into something more akin to The Go-Team with its samples and cheerleader chants.

'Queen Dot Kong' appears from nowhere and takes you somewhat by surprise as it practically explodes out of the album. Sounding strangely like the Ting Ting's Katie White attempting some Gwen Stefani-style rapping, with a bouncy and immature background like something the Mighty Boosh boys would come up with. 'Queen Dot Kong' is one of the album's strongest tracks, despite being slightly off-kilter to the general pace and theme - but then it's debatable as to what exactly that is.

Olivia's vocals can also be compared to Bjork and even Duffy at different points throughout the album with the strength and control she has over her higher notes. In contrast to the fast-paced, edgy sounding tracks such as 'Aha' and 'Tammie' is the simplistic delicately of 'Song For Lovers' with sweet lyrics and perfectly pronounced and shaped vocals that brings out a Vashti Bunyan style gentlessness.

One thing that is certain is that A Mouthful lives up to its name - it certainly is a mouthful. If you're genre-jumping tolerant, then you'll have the stomach to digest The Dø's offering and will be left with a delicious multitude of tastes for hours afterwards.

Rating: 5/5