Alita's Curse - One For The Team / Retaliation Life (Unsigned)

Ashleigh Morgan | Friday, 06 March 2009

Alita's Curse - One For The Team / Retaliation Life (Unsigned)

British rock ‘n’ rollers Alita’s Curse list Guns N' Roses, Led Zeppelin and other early rock and metal bands as their main influences - and this is immediately recognisable in their music.

First track 'One For The Team' has a fairly basic structure, the only surprise being that the vocals are quite a bit higher in pitch than the intro may have led you to expect. This all works well when put together though, and the catchy hooks are alluring, particularly leading into the chorus. Staying true to the old school genre, there is an impressive guitar solo towards the end.

Second song ‘Retaliation Life’ is the strongest of the two. With a heavier start than its predecessor. The music has a more technical edge to it and the guitars really come into their own, supported by the lyrics which have been bettered by the vocals, which become a little more experimental.

For a band currently seeking management, the double A-side is recorded well. However, there is nothing hugely unique about them, and with the obvious comparison being Black Stone Cherry, they may be losing that particular battle of the bands. Despite this, both songs are enjoyable rock music and if you quite like a blast from the past, then you may want to look them up.

Rating: 2.5/5