Auction For The Promise Club - The Cavern Club, Liverpool (18/04/2009)

Mary Stokes | Friday, 24 April 2009

Auction For The Promise Club - The Cavern Club, Liverpool (18/04/2009)

You can't move in Liverpool without tripping over some sort of Beatles memorabilia, and nowhere is this truer than the legendary Cavern Club. As much a part of Liverpool as the Liver Building, it's a place where musical legends are born.

So it seems apt that this was the first stop in the north-west for Cornish band, Auction For The Promise Club. Further south their energetic indie rock stylings have garnered extensive praise, and it was clear they were hoping to make a similar impression up north.

Choosing to start with two of their most energetic tracks, Zoe, Perran and Toby launched into their set without introduction. Sounding tight and polished, 'Truth' immediately grabbed the audience's attention, with 'Under China' cementing their reputation as one of Cornwall's most exciting up-and-coming bands. But it was 'Church Street', one of the darkest tracks in their repertoire, which really seemed like it was written to be performed in the Cavern.

Its eerie cave-like qualities intensified every emotion that the track evoked. From its menacing start, with the rumble of an oncoming train, to its chilling climax, it's an aural delight designed to send shivers down your spine. Over the top of all this, Zoe's hauntingly beautiful voice keeps the competing layers in check. Like a mother leading a child, she guides the listener through the myriad of sounds and textures until the music dies away, leaving just the sound of a train disappearing over the horizon.

It was a short set - time is precious in such prestigious venues. But as they brought the set to a close with 'See Through', it was clear that Auction For The Promise Club's unique brand of indie rock had struck a chord with the crowd.

Rating: 5/5