Everett - Storyteller EP (AWOL)

Phillip Clark | Sunday, 11 January 2009

Everett - Storyteller EP (AWOL)

It's annoying when a band think they have the talent to escape from their local area, and it’s annoying how easy it is for any old band to release an EP. It's also annoying when an unheard of local band does just that and proves you wrong.

Not that Everett feels particularly unheard of; they have a professional and established sound that makes you wonder why they aren’t able to play a gig outside of the West Midlands. Sounding like Coldplay would if they’d died and gone to heaven, this dreary and dreamy collection of tracks is a great space to lose yourself in.

The pleasant difference between the two band’s vocalist's is that Everett's Mike isn’t quite as whiny as Coldplay's Chris Martin. Mike possessed a surprisingly good voice with some great vocal harmonies and has the ability to hit the high notes.

The EP contains a short prologue, five minute epilogue and three full tracks. Determining which of these tracks is superior is difficult; in fact, remembering which song you’re listening to is difficult as they flow so well into each other.

'Where Loyalties lie', 'The Reform' and 'Sirens' are the track titles, all containing fluffy sounding guitars and light beats, with prominence being taken by the piano accompanied by soft yet concrete vocals. The epilogue is a bit more guitar heavy and gives the music a little bit more foundation; it is a route that the band might benefit from exploring further.

It feels like it’s the type of music that you play when you’ve got a few hours to kill, when only your thoughts are available to kill it. A shame, therefore, that there is only sixteen minutes of it.

The band seems to be making slow progress, but based on this EP it is puzzling to know why. Whether it is their live performances, lack of promotion or the "We've heard it all before" syndrome taking place all remains to be seen.

With a bit of luck the awareness generated by this release should hopefully result in these guys getting the opportunity to get an LP out. Unless, of course, Coldplay ask for their piano back first.

Rating: 4/5