Flamboyant Bella - Touch

Emily Sergent | Thursday, 24 July 2008

Flamboyant Bella - Touch

First things first, this band are pretty young, but don't judge them by their age until you've actually heard them. Yes, they're teenagers, and yes, they make happy, cute, uplifting music, but they do it well and most importantly, without being irritating. It’s the rhythms of Jack Penate, the poppy, British sound of Kate Nash and the edginess of the Maccabees, all mixed together to create the perfect pop record.

Hailing from the Herts town of Hitchin, the band consists of Flo (lead guitar/vocals), James (synth/vocals) and two brothers 'Doreen' (drums) and Mitch (bass guitar). Together they've produced the irresistibly quirky 'Touch' (released on 4th August and available from their MySpace).

'Touch' is a jangly, infectious concoction of guitars and synth that's guaranteed to get your toes tapping. Easily one of the catchiest songs around, it's easy to challenge anyone (aside from maybe the hardcore rockers out there) to listen to it and not smile.

With vocals split between Flo and James, it makes for a refreshing sound that works very well indeed, while as a band they've got the whole indie/electro/pop thing down to an art. The tune is fun and likeable and it'll get stuck in your head for days.

Still unsigned but with the potential to go far, Flamboyant Bella have just embarked on a UK tour. So, if you feel like mingling with the indie kids and having a bit of a dance, check out their MySpace for upcoming dates.

Rating: 5/5