I:Candy - I Said No

Chris Miller | Wednesday, 24 September 2008

I:Candy - I Said No

The latest musical offspring of Madchester and already being compared to chart-toppers The Ting Tings, I:Candy and in particular front-woman Ashli Candy are here to spread their antidote protecting against soulless processed pop.

‘I Said No’ is exactly what you thought it was about... and no that’s not what Simon Cowell said to them.

“Just because my top was low, just because my skirt was high, just because I caught your eye- I said ‘No’- You thought I meant yes.” It’s very catchy pop with an almost punk twist.

Intelligent drum-beats, a memorable riff and the poignant voice of Ashli - the sole female amongst namesakes Danny, OT and Jack Candy (and Oli the Bass Man) – we’re not talking Texas here.

Rather more, the likes of indie gods Republica and Garbage spring to mind as Ashli sings of disbelief at the unwanted attention. Though whether she is heading down the Katy Perry route is just another unanswered question about this enigmatic band.

If I:Candy are looking for a memorable pop sound they have certainly achieved it, but there’s enough indie rhythm and attitude laced in to keep the underground happy. They have even managing to get a customary guitar solo or two amongst the angst-ridden lyrics.

I:Candy may just yet have the key to the mainstream gate. 

Rating: 4/5