Paul Bodman | Thursday, 26 June 2008


In a small venue in Camden in March 2007, something strange happened. The entire audience was suddenly transported back to the early '90s. The age of Aerosmith and Guns N Roses. The age of heroic rock. And they loved it. With infectious guitar riffs and catchy choruses that make you want to wave your lighter in the air (unfortunately not allowed in this particular venue), LiViD are truly something special.

Comprising of Psy Ward (Vox), Steve Paris (Guitars), Ency (Bass), and Phill Ward (Drums), LiViD aim to put classic rock back into the mainstream, with a modern and exciting twist. Since 1999 they've travelled the whole of Britain, bringing their sound to venues big and small (during their early days they supported The Darkness), and built up a large fanbase of rockers tiring of the indie and emo scenes.

Their debut single, 'Closer to God', is a perfect example of their unique sound. One minute it is slow and epic, the next minute the chorus kicks in , full of energy. Other standout tracks from their repetoire is the audience favourite 'Freakshow', always guaranteed to make you reach for that air guitar, and 'Lost Lady Saloon', which has recently been added to the playlist at a local nightclub.

Mixing blues with stadium rock, and attracting lots of attention for doing so, LiViD are set for big things. And any man who wears a Steve Tyler-esque robe and can reach amazingly high notes definitely deserves success. Heroic rock is back with a bang!

Rating: 5/5