Reemer - Maniac/Summer Sun

Paul Bodman | Sunday, 20 July 2008

Reemer - Maniac/Summer Sun

Indie rockers Reemer have been very generous here and released two songs for the price of one, meaning you will get to read two reviews for the price of one!

First up, 'Maniac' is a fully blown dance floor filler. Encompassing clean, feel-good guitars and a chorus you're going to be singing all summer long, it makes a welcome upbeat change from most of its song rivals. This tune definitely has the potential to become as well known as 'Mr Brightside'. Unfortunately, the song only clocks in at 2:10, meaning you'll be left gagging for more.

Fortunately Reemer have been very kind and released this track with B-side 'Summer Sun'. This track lacks the mainstream sound of 'Maniac', choosing to mellow out slightly, whilst maintaining the edginess and grit of it's A-side. It's perfect for a lazy summer evening drinking cocktails, or for the morning after a night out (if you still have the energy). It might not be as catchy as 'Maniac', but it's still a good raw rock track.

It's hard to believe that this band is currently unsigned, but expect that to change very soon, and for them to play a major festival next year.

'Maniac' Rating: 5/5
'Summer Sun' Rating: 4/5