Solid Gold - Get Over It (Unsigned)

Emily Sergent | Thursday, 05 February 2009

Solid Gold - Get Over It (Unsigned)

There was a time, not so long ago, when people were happy with simple indie music - jangly guitars, catchy rhythms, and (very) skinny jeans. Well, that’s old news now - the kids today are all about the electro-indie, and Solid Gold is another one to add to the rapidly increasing collection of MGMT/Empire of the Sun/Cut Copy-type bands doing just that.

Let’s not be too hasty though. Solid Gold have created something that just about manages to side-step being lumped in the ever-expanding commercial electro bracket. Hailing from Minneapolis, US, some have described them as the “purveyors of a new breed of synth-psych.”

And 'Get Over It' is certainly a new breed. The lead track from upcoming album Bodies Of Water is a little bit electro, a little bit synthy, and a little bit dancey. Yet at the same time it’s just a little bit downbeat. But that's what makes it so refreshing. There’s no sickly-sweet pop element, no try-hard controversial lyrics and it doesn’t sound like an over-the-top throwback to the eighties.

They’ve got everything going for them, but despite being cut from the same cloth as MGMT they are unlikely to find themselves appreciated by a large market. In many respects, that can surely only be a good thing; a band this compellingly dark, melancholy and fragile should be kept as well preserved as gold itself.

Rating: 4/5