Sunday School - This Swan Will Break Your Arm (Unsigned)

Rob Latham | Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Sunday School - This Swan Will Break Your Arm (Unsigned)

This Swan Will Break Your Arm is packed full of energy, brilliant lyrics and driving guitars which will have lovers of rock begging for more from Sunday School.

The EP opens up with the upbeat 'Little Happy Harmony'; it's busy, energetic and hugely enjoyable. Repetitive guitar chords and a busy bass line throughout verses and choruses are revived following a mini bridge for a lively outro which epitomises the band's bouncing energy.

Second track 'Three Line Whip' typifies the Sunday School's appealing brand of head banging rock, with heavy power chords and driving guitar riffs set off against fragile vocals making the track irresistibly appealing.

This is followed by standout track 'Art' which is a sucker punch into the lifestyles of so-called 'trendies' with lyrics such as "We're so indie, we're on EMI," and "Two-tone hair and skin tight shirts, we're so trendy it almost hurts." The lyrics are one of the band's most appealing attributes; they are opinionated, amusing and do not hold back from putting the boot in where it is needed.

'Art' also shows off the band's musical depth as the low tempo verses over a repeated guitar riff are vastly contrasted by the heavy overdrive power chord chorus, followed by a cool guitar solo.

The band's impressive songwriting is again evident in the penultimate track 'I Think I've Played My Way Into Trouble' - a foot-tapping, addictively emotional but enjoyable soul-searching ballad exploring the singer's catastrophic life, typified by the lyrics "Now I'm sat here analysing my own defects, perhaps I'm just programmed to self destructive presets".

The finale to the EP sees Sunday School again at their best with 'Rest Assured', an epic track lasting nearly eight minutes. Opening up with heavily distorted guitars supporting a funky guitar solo the song progresses through verses supported by muted feedback-driven guitars which launch back into life as the chorus kicks in.

How this band remain unsigned is a mystery. It can only be a matter of time before they are snapped up as their songwriting ability and raw sound suggest huge success could be just around the corner. Sunday School epitomise everything that is great about rock music, although they probably need to cut down on the eight minute long tracks.

Rating: 4/5