Turbowolf - Read And Write (Unsigned)

Huw Jones | Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Turbowolf - Read And Write (Unsigned)

The name Turbowolf arguably says far more about their style and substance than any half-hacked review could hope to achieve. But for those unsure of their musical direction, Turbowolf take great pride in lambasting their electro -tinged metal-rock party wares without a care in the world for, well, much at all really, save the self-taught literacy of their latest release.

Genres rarely die: some quite rightly suffer a drawn-out fickle demise, some become a bumbling industry staple, while others grow and re-invent with renewed vigour. But although the explosive noise that 'Read And Write' delivers is a loose extension of the latter, it does little to break the mould beyond a primitive form of pubescent anger management. It does, however, illustrate the resurgence of a genre that still delights in ticking the mammoth riff-laden, deafening noise, parental disapproving glory day boxes of old. And to be fair, if it ain't broke, why fix it?

But at just shy of four minutes with verse-chorus-verse paving the way for little musical or lyrical progression alongside blow softening, electro-pop leaning keyboards, a limited palette emerges. That said, any self-respecting fourteen-year-old with a warm can of well-shaken post SATS beer at his disposal isn't going to let a few small details get in the way of wearing a headbanging-related injury badge of honour with pride.

Rating: 2/5