Violetta - Are We There Yet? EP (Unsigned)

Steph Cosway | Saturday, 16 May 2009

Violetta - Are We There Yet? EP (Unsigned)

On paper Violetta is your regular boring American pop-punk band. Female singer, hairy musicians, a few piercings; sounds like yet another wannabe Paramore. Give their EP a listen and you'll realise that this band has unlimited potential. Singer Brooke Weirick has a voice which would be better compared to Amy Lee in its power and passion (a voice that Hayley Williams herself would kill for).

Yet some hairy musicians can be forgiven when they produce such a good, dance-worthy, sound - let's face it, all American boys are excessively hairy anyway. Violetta's four song EP, entitled Are We There Yet?, is a small collection of the band's favourite songs they've made since forming last summer. And it's a strong collection. Any of these songs could, potentially, be released as a single.

'A Crazy Mess' is about a lost love and the desperation and insanity the end of a relationship can bring, especially when you're crazy enough to cry over someone who was never worth your time. Cleverly, the guitars follow every up and down in this song, reflecting the lyrics yoyoing between being over a guy and crying over him.

'Oceanside' is a sweet tale of someone saving you from wasting away your life while 'Reflections' is a plea for people to see that all a person can be is themselves. The strongest track on the EP is 'Stop The Fight' with singer Weirick screaming: "You make me wanna/Die die die." You can do nothing but sit up and listen to the utter passion in her voice.

This EP may not shoot Violetta to the superstardom they deserve but it's a very big step towards it. With a few more songs under their belts this band have the potential to tour worldwide and release an excellent debut album.

Violetta may not be there yet but they're getting pretty damn close.

Rating: 4/5