We Are The Ocean - Mini Album

Lucy Carroll | Wednesday, 24 September 2008

We Are The Ocean - Mini Album

On first hearing this band, it may have an undesired effect on the general public of rolling your eyes a little, then huffing and puffing a bit. And after hearing a further two tracks off the mini album you may proceed to have a mini tantrum/breakdown (delete where appropriate) manifested by the unoriginality within the Screamo-hardcore genre at the moment.

But after much displaying of maturity it's clear to see: although this band are frustrating, you really can’t be that mad at them.

Barely two years old, We Are The Ocean’s debut release isn’t, compared to bands with triple their experience, all that bad. Each track starts well: punchy, in your face, and seems to convey all the heartfelt emotion that's brewing within the song. But then, in an attempt to sound a little more edgy after a bar of purely scintillating musical anticipation, the beat drops and the track shoots itself in the foot.

Not that there's anything wrong with chopping and changing style within a track, but when it lacks the right mix of components and loses any sort of musical flow things will, inevitably, start to go very much in the wrong direction.

It's a frustrating release: much like many bands within WATO’s genre, they get lost in a sea of sounds which seem to be popular with the eagerly awaiting public, completely losing contact with the minuscule sprinklings of genius and originality displayed at other points in their albums.

The maturity of the band is very apparent within the music: shouty vocals teamed with the occasional meagre harmonious verse are then driven into the ground with guitars that are far too over-zealous; it's enough to leave you very confused.

But all is not lost: while this release might seem a tad 'cup half-empty', WATO do show glimmerings of hope and promise. Track one, 'Don’t Be Careless', and track six, 'Days' show the unique and almost tender nature the band ascend from.

For the younger Alexisonfire and Enter Shikari-type fans the album will no doubt appeal. But for the Screamo fan who looks for a little less of what they've heard before, this band don’t yet have the edge.

Watch this space.

Rating: 3/5