Wired Desire - The Fly, London (29/9/2008)

Chris Miller | Wednesday, 01 October 2008

Wired Desire - The Fly, London (29/9/2008)

The tiny stage in the basement of The Fly was always going to spell trouble and by 7:45 the underground arena was awash with booming rock, deteriorating livers and bursting eardrums - don't you just love a showcase?

Wired Desire took to the stage slightly later than billed due to a support band pulling out but didn’t disappoint anyone in the mixed crowd. Frontman Kieran Daly was in fine form, sounding more like Axl Rose every day as he encouraged the crowd to participate in a spot of mosh-pit action, which sadly fell on deaf ears.

Though they may not have had their dancing shoes on, the audience certainly enjoyed the show. Wired Desire ran through a medley of tracks from their Barely Illegal EP, including 'No-one Sleeps Tonight' and 'Hot Stuff', which combined the old-school massive guitar riffs of the charismatic Jam on lead guitar with Daly's screeching, retro style.

This young Scottish band not only look and sound the part but are clearly very focused about what they're doing, with immense stage presence and infectious enthusiasm. It's still questionable as to whether there can be a place for them in today's market - the band will need to find their own style fast to avoid the inevitable tribute act comparisons. 

New tracks 'Bad Ones' and 'Down' followed a brief announcement by the band that a full-length album will be about next year - if the record sounds anything like these two then they could be on to a winner. Seemingly more Metallica-influenced than many of the other tracks with heavy, epic guitar solos, 'Down' was a particular highlight, featuring a massive, engrossing drumbeat with Kieran screaming: "The whole world's crashing around me!"

These new songs were an indication that Wired Desire may just have what it takes to revel in a classic-rock renaissance - and if there was to be one tomorrow, these young men would be first at the front of the queue. A typically rip-roaring, hard-hitting, venom-spitting and energized performance made for an enthralling live show.

Rating: 4.5/5